Free Tool Friday – June 8, 2018

I love free coding tools, almost as much as i love Fridays. That is what inspired me to do a video and blog series called Free Tool Friday, where I will showcase a free coding tool.

Today’s free tools comes to us from the great folks over at Palmetto GBA. It is a quick and dirty way to calculate global surgery days. Don’t worry if Palmetto isn’t your MAC. You can still use this handy free tool, Simply click on this FREETOOL link and follow along with the instructions I have detailed below.

METHOD 1 – This method is great if you already know how many global days your surgery has. Simply enter your date of surgery and then click 90 or 10 days and the tool will calculate the the end of your global period. For the example below I put in 6/8/2018 for a 90 day global. The global surgery period ends on 9/6/2018.

METHOD 2 – This method is great if you do not know what the global days are for your surgery. Simply enter your CPT code into the box that says Procedure Code and click Look Up. Once the tool give you your global days  put your surgery date in and select  90 or 10 days. In the example below I put in 58150 which had a global period of 90 days. I then entered  put the surgery date as 6/8/18 and clicked 90 days. The date the global period ends was calculated as 9/6/18.


I really hope you liked this tool. Check out the video of me reviewing this free tool over at my You Tube channel,

Next week I am going to review a decision tree tool for incident to billing. In the meantime have a great Free Tool Friday!

Hugs and Coding,




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